CRIP.TO is dedicated to protect your privacy in all your everyday communications.

"CRIP.TO Black" and "CRIP.TO Shield: the only 100% safe way to message and make voice calls with no risk of interception. CRIP.TO exploits the unique combination of an easy to use Android app and an external encryption hardware device. No other end-to-end encryption tool on the market combines all these features.


The only 100% safe way to communicate on Internet
CRIP.TO black encrypts your data with a physical device. It is the only external hardware device on the market (connected to any Android smartphone) that can ensure you the full safety and privacy when communicating across the internet. CRIP.TO black is an unbreakable lock-box of all your private data: there is no way to violate it.

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Use it with your current and future smartphones
New smartphones come on the market every year and they can become obsolete very quickly. CRIP.TO Black however, easily connects with every new device you buy in the future.

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Only you have the keys to decrypt the information
CRIP.TO solution combines strongest encryption algorithms with True Random number Generator (TRNG) and provides the safest place to store your encryption keys - physically in your pocket, inside a CRIP.TO Black device.

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Built and assembled in Europe
CRIP.TO uses European technology and builds is hardware strictly within EU borders, following closely every step of the product building process. This guarantees the top safety of our product components and safety performance. CRIP.TO services are rendered using servers physically located in Iceland - well known as a country with a legislation that ensures the protection of peoples privacy and stands for the freedom of speech.

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No one will know your identity and to whom you communicate
In CRIP.TO system, each user is handled anonymously as “Swiss bank account number”. Unlike many encryption Apps, CRIP.TO is conceived not to use your phone number to identify you and thus does not leave traces of your communications. CRIP.TO charges you a fee for the service of keeping you safe. That is how we run out business and what we are proud about.

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We are brand independent, with a custom chip: no technologies from the "Big companies"
An essential feature for guaranteeing your safety is that CRIP.TO Black (our external encryption hardware device) is built on a custom-made silicon chip and is not using any existing ready-made encryption branded chips. This ensures back-doors free communication. All our technology is open and well proven.

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Valuable Benefits

Valuable Benefits
CRIP.TO Black is portable, battery operated and connects with your smartphone comfortably via Bluetooth or USB cable.
Valuable Benefits
Messages, send precious files and voice messages, make phone calls fully encrypted via CRIP.TO Black.
Valuable Benefits
Using CRIP.TO you are just an anonymous serial number - max safety, max anonymity. We don't use your real phone number.
Valuable Benefits Black can be used with all types of smartphones without any worry of becoming unusable when changing your phone.
Valuable Benefits
A timer allows you to erase messages and chats forensically (not recoverable). They are deleted both from the phone and the server.
Valuable Benefits
Plugging your USB memory stick with your most important files to CRIP.TO Black enables you to send files fast and fully encrypted.

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Tech Details

CRIP.TO Encryption architecture is based on the following algorithms:

CRIP.TO Shield (the Android APP) runs all the encryption suite on software and needs to be connected to another Shield (End2end) while CRIP.TO Black (the optional physical hardware device) runs all the encryption suite on a custom chip (FPGA) and needs to be connected to another Black (end2end). The rationale behind the selection of the algorithms has been the nature of openness (open source implementation and freedom to use) and their origin (no government entities) to avoid purposely weak implementations, back-doors or similar that diminish the effective cryptographic strength of the algorithms.