Secure data transfer
CRIP.TO end-to-end encryption allows you communicate across the internet safely and privately without risk of being intercepted and decrypted.


One of the most important factors in digital communication is the need to be sure that what you communicate is accessible only to you and the recipient. To ensure this, you need a state-of-the-art, reliable end-to-end encryption solution.

Using end-to-end encryption means that all the data you send is encrypted with a unique secret key and can only be unlocked with the same secret key. The key, however, should be always stored in a safe place where it is accessible only to you and your recipient.
Generally, many apps that provide an end-to-end encryption service store the encryption keys digitally inside the app. This approach creates a potential risk of data compromise because your smartphone could be accessed from the outside without your permission or knowledge.

CRIP.TO has created a much safer and far more reliable solution for storing your encryption keys - physically in your pocket, inside a CRIP.TO Black device.

Strongest encryption solution

An Important factor that ensures the efficacy of end-to-end encryption solution is the encryption algorithms used to encrypt the information and the mechanism used to generate, exchange, and store the keys.

At CRIP.TO, rather than reinventing the wheel, we chose to work with the best architecture and encryption schemes available worldwide. We studied what the best cryptographers identified as the safest method of encryption and designed our solution accordingly.

The result is a unique combination of technologies which allow us to build the safest solution you can buy on the market.

One of the greatest advantage and strong points in the CRIP.TO solution is the CRIP.TO Black hardware device that is built on a custom-made Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chip.

This is the core element of safe encryption because it combines strong encryption algorithms with True Random Number Generator (TRNG) generation of keys and provides safest place to store the keys.

It is significantly safer than the solutions running only on software such as mobile apps because Black hardware doesn't run an Operating System making it very hard to access or hack.

In addition, since Black hardware is not continuously connected to the internet, it is much more difficult to locate it for attempts at compromise in the first place.


CRIP.TO is available for purchase as Hardware or Software solution. It includes a subscription to the service which can be easily renewed.

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