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CRIP.TO is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all your daily communications.

Internet and the wide choice of communication tools has provided us much freedom doing business remotely across the globe fast and eciently. Business voicecalls, mailing important contracts, les and documents, internet conferences and conversations with colleagues are just some samples of everyday businessactivities that are likely conducted through unsafe apps and networks.
Though free, convenient and easy to use, the most common communication tools have easy access to all your private information as well as data you have sent over internet if not properly encrypted and kept. That is a serious risk to consider at the time when information about people is worth more than charging for the services.
To provide true privacy, there is a need for a fair, user funded communication tool that does not require access to any private information about its users (phone numbers, contact lists, browsing history etc) and is seriously end-to-end encrypted, meaning that only the two ends of the
communication hold the keys to decrypt the information. Furthermore, the encryption keys (the most critical piece needed to access data) should be stored in a truly safe place such as physically in users pockets, completely unhackable.

CRIP.TO provides full privacy

CRIP.TO Shield Android app and CRIP.TO Black portable hardware provide the safest and easiest way to communicate across Internet, solving your everyday need for a fully protected and private communication while leaving you completely anonymous.
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CRIP.TO is available for purchase as Hardware or Software solution. It includes a time-based subscription to the service which can be easily renewed.