Fully anonymous
CRIP.TO is not using phone numbers to identify you


In the CRIP.TO system, each user is handled much like a “Swiss bank account number” so a real name or real user’s smartphone number is never used for identification.

By comparison, when you sign up for any free messaging app, you are generally identified via your smartphone number and the app has instant access to your entire contact list.

By knowing your smartphone number and all the smartphone numbers in your contact list, it is possible to learn quite a lot about you; your profile, who you are, with whom you communicate, your business partners, your friends, with whom and when you communicate, where you are, where you move, where you travel, and what you purchase.
In CRIP.TO however, each user is represented by an anonymous “serial number”. CRIP.TO does not record or use anyone’s mobile number, does not mine your phone-books, and does not know with whom you are communicating. Our particular end-to-end implementation makes this technically impossible. Your anonymous identity is stored in a QR code that you need to scan when launching CRIP.TO Shield, our Android software app. After that, the system does the rest.

To provide our premium service, CRIP.TO neither needs nor wants any data from you. We won’t ask your name or phone number. All that is needed to receive our service is an e-mail or mailbox you designate to deliver the service to you. Or you can simply buy the service package from a store in complete anonymity.

To enhance your privacy further, CRIP.TO allows you decide how long you want to keep your messages. You can set a timer for all your communications and when the time expires, your communications are wiped out and permanently erased from everyone’s smartphone and servers. No traces are left since your data is forensically erased from every location. Your privacy is protected once again without compromise.


CRIP.TO is in the business of protecting your privacy, which is why we charge each user a fee for ensuring this premium level of security. CRIP.TO does not want or need any access to your contact lists or browser histories and does not collect or sell your data, because there is no need for it. Our business model has been created specifically to make this possible. We respect each user’s privacy and believe that our user's safety is immeasurably more valuable than access to their private data.


Why do companies give products and services for free?

Do you ever remember going to a restaurant and not having to pay the bill for your meal? Or buying goods from a store and walking out without paying for them? Or renting a car completely free of charge? Why then, are you given completely free apps and digital services to use and not charged any fee?

To keep any app running, the app provider needs to pay its employees, cover the cost of infrastructure, data transfer, software development and improvements, and pay for marketing and customer support. It is a lot of work for an app provider to offer you all that for free.There must be a reason.

You are the product the free service providers are selling.

Your data has value, a big value. It is a lot more valuable than making you pay for an app. And there are many willing to pay for your information.

Why should my data interest anyone?

Again, it is more valuable than you think. Knowing all your personal data, who you are, your likes and dislikes, all the people in your contact lists, their phone numbers and connections with you, all your browsing history (every site you navigate on your smartphone web browser), all your travel plans, all other apps you use, and so on.

All this in extremely valuable to the data buyers.

Who allowed to sell my data?

Unfortunately you did when you started using their free app and pressed “Accept” without reading the Terms & Conditions (T&C) prior installing or updating the app.

That is why CRIP.TO is proud to offer you a paid service while guarding the most valuable thing you have – your privacy. Our top priority is the complete safety of our customers and we will not compromise that priority.


CRIP.TO is available for purchase as Hardware or Software solution. It includes a subscription to the service which can be easily renewed.

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