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CRIP.TO did not want or need to re-invent the wheel about data encryption and specifically, end-to-end encryption, which are established and well-proven as safe technologies. However, the critical factor in creating an effective encryption offering is how you implement these technologies.

After a thorough research, CRIP.TO built its services and software architecture on top of the existing encryption technologies that have been affirmed as the most secure and safe by experts in Europe’s public encryption community.

As a result, CRIP.TO does not incorporate any proprietary encryption technology and is fully transparent about the implementation of our best-in-class encryption solution.


CRIP.TO is a European company, based in Estonia (recently ranked first in EU in cybersecurity) and provides a product fully “MADE IN EUROPE” coupled with a user experience without compromise. To enforce the level of protection offered to our customers, we realized that inviolable communication can only take place in a country that supports and protects it.

CRIP.TO servers are physically located in the Scandinavian country of Iceland. That means all CRIP.TO services are run through a country with perhaps the best legislation for supporting freedom to speech and individual user’s privacy.

In Iceland, freedom of expression is protected under Article 73 of the Icelandic Constitution. The Icelandic Media Law, which came into effect in September 2011, established several legal protections for journalists that extend to the online sphere. These include editorial independence from media service providers’ owners and the protection of anonymous sources.
In the past few years, the government has pursued several legislative and policy initiatives to enhance internet freedom. In June 2010, following the 2008 financial crisis and inspired by the whistle-blower website Wiki Leaks, the Icelandic Parliament approved a resolution, the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, which aims to create a global safe heaven with legal protection for the press, bloggers, and whistle-blowers. The government does not place any restrictions on anonymous communication.

When you communicate through CRIP.TO, all your data is encrypted before being sent. The encrypted data is temporarily stored in a server physically located in Iceland until your contact comes online and is ready to receive it. CRIP.TO servers act as a mailbox and keep the encrypted data only for the time necessary to deliver it to the indicated recipient. After being delivered all data is permanently / forensically deleted and removed from the servers, leaving no traces.


CRIP.TO is available for purchase as Hardware or Software solution. It includes a subscription to the service which can be easily renewed.

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