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We have written about the ubiquitous nature of surveillance cameras before. They are everywhere. Stoplight cameras, street cameras, ATM cameras, retail security cameras. There are few places left where a person can get away from camera coverage.

Thanks to technology, cameras can be in even more places. An article in a fantastic DIY tech magazine, “Make,” identifies the wide variety of products available for sale with tiny cameras built into some portion of the product. They are designed specifically for covert surveillance and because of their incorporation into everyday objects, can operate unnoticed.

Here are a few products you can purchase with an integrated camera:

  • Photo frame camera
  • LED bulb camera
  • Wristwatch camera
  • Pen camera
  • Eyeglasses camera
  • Alarm clock camera
  • Smoke detector camera
  • Clothes hook camera
  • Desk lamp camera
  • Alarm clock camera
  • Wall clock camera
  • Charging dock camera
  • Exit sign camera
  • Cable modem camera
  • Screw head camera
  • USB charger and USB cable cameras


You can go to a specialized “secret agent” and “spy” stores, online or bricks and mortar, or conveniently purchase them from online outlets like Amazon. If you are a Prime member, you can acquire them even faster!

How do you protect yourself from covert cameras? There are a variety of ways to can scan to see if a camera is nearby. Again, working from the Make article, here is a recap of their suggestions, most of which use your smartphone.

The first approach is to listen for static or other noise on your phone. Make a call and walk around the area to see if you pick up interference. It is like using two-way radios in some respects. Sources of electronic emissions can create static. I am a bit skeptical of this method as I cannot recall ever hearing static on any of my smartphones.

Cameras have lenses. Lenses are glass (even cheap ones) and will reflect light. Your smartphone has a blindingly bright flashlight and flash. Turn on the flashlight and slowly pan it around the room looking for reflections, especially small ones. According to one app maker, the first step is to look through a paper towel or toilet paper tube while using the flashlight to best catch reflections.

The way the smartphone apps appear to work is by strobing the flash to allow the app to pick up reflections from tiny lenses. With them highlighted on the smartphone, you can inspect the items and areas more closely for verification. Go to your devices app store and search for “hidden camera detector.”

The Apple App Store returned six apps, only one of which is free. We always recommend purchasing apps. Free-to-use apps frequently capture and resell your data to make money to support their business. Another article from, “Make Use Of,” suggests the Hidden Camera Detector (4.99 for iPhone, no cost for Android).

The other way to use your smartphone is to scan for electromagnetic fields (EMF) with an app. Even low power surveillance cameras are likely to turn up on these apps. You can purchase a dedicated EMF detector but, unless you are pretty sure someone is watching you, smartphone apps are a great way to start.

Search for “EMF detector” in your app store. Be forewarned though, many “ghost detectors” will show up in your search results. You might be able to start a paranormal investigative agency while searching for hidden cameras! Again, paid is better than free for the protection of your personal data.

If you find a hidden camera, what you do next depends on where you are. If it is in a public space or within an office, report it to someone immediately. You can also obscure the lens by placing something over it until it can be removed. You can also disable it yourself by removing power to the device.

We live in an era of perpetual surveillance, most of which we cannot do anything about, except when it comes to communications. That is where CRIP.TO can equip you with the most secure communication solution available to individuals, groups, and companies. We give our customers the freedom to communicate fearlessly.

Being on camera may be a foregone conclusion. So, make sure you always look your best! For maximum privacy, data security, and anonymity, trust CRIP.TO’s solutions for the best in secure communications.

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