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More than 3,500 people flocked to the first Cryptocurrency Investors’ Show held in London on 10 March 2018. Mr. Stefano Alberico, President and CEO of CRIP.TO, was joined by more than a dozen other speakers to educate attendees on a wide range of topics relevant to the growth of cryptocurrencies as investment opportunities and the use of blockchain technology to provide robust and secure management of crypto transactions.

Main topics of the show included:


  • The Origin of Bitcoin
  • Deciphering the Crypto and Blockchain industry for investors
  • Understanding cryptocurrencies


Mr. Stefano’s presentation dealt with the need for the highest levels of end-to-end encryption to truly secure the blockchain network when dealing with cryptocurrency transactions and indeed, all electronic communications whether they are voice, text, files (text or graphics), and VOIP calls.


“When making use of electronic communication channels, for any reason, there is a real need to protect the communicator’s privacy, anonymity, and security of content.” said Mr. Stefano, underscoring the need for the highest level of security for purely electronic currencies.


The CRIP.TO solution is unique in the market, designed specifically to eliminate the key vulnerabilities that exist in alternative encryption products. The combination of unique software with custom hardware operating over blockchain technology and supported by CRIP.TO services provide the ideal solution for cryptocurrency investors, large and small.



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