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March 13 – 14 marked the 5th Global Family Office Investment Summit held in Dubai. CRIP.TO was pleased to join over 250 conglomerate companies, private investment firms, industry leaders, and elite Family Offices, among others at this event.


The purpose of the conference, the 3rd held in Dubai, was to, “bring together the world’s leading experts geared toward identifying actionable strategies for generating returns in a low-rate, high volatility market. Facilitated by family offices, the summit will provide two days of private peer-to-peer conversation, networking and cross-border thought leadership designed to make you think about what to look out for, how you are investing, and why?


A variety of topics were discussed including the use of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and related technologies to provide protection to electronic transactions in the rapidly changing world of transaction hacking and monitoring. Representatives of healthcare, insurance, financial services, and cybersecurity attended to learn more about how blockchain can provide needed security.


Mr. Stefano Alberico, President and CEO of CRIP.TO, attended to advance awareness of the CRIP.TO end-to-end encryption solution that provides the highest possible level of encryption available to individuals, groups, and companies built around unique combinations or hardware, software, and blockchain.

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