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If you have followed our blog posts and looked through our website, you may already know that CRIP.TO is driven by the libertarian value that sees freedom of speech as a requirement of a properly functioning democracy.  And sometimes, anonymity is necessary to protect the speaker.


Without freedom of speech, democratic progress cannot continue and will often begin to fade. In this age of digital surveillance, the ability to remain anonymous and still present your thoughts and ideals is increasingly more difficult. Our entire company is dedicated to protecting this right to speak freely without fear of reprisal.


It is not just CRIP.TO that holds this view. In an article published in March of 2016, Amnesty International described defending the use of encryption as a human rights issue. Here’s the basis of that view:


“In the digital age, access to and use of encryption is an enabler of the right to privacy. Because encryption can protect communications from spying, it can help people share their opinion with others without reprisals, access information on the web and organize with others against injustice. Encryption is therefore also an enabler of the rights to freedom of expression, information and opinion, and also has an impact on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, association and other human rights. Encryption is a particularly critical tool for human rights defenders, activists and journalists, all of whom rely on it with increasing frequency to protect their security and that of others against unlawful surveillance.”


Think about living in a country where the government is not supportive of ideas that are different from those they put out. All who speak openly do so at their peril, especially when using electronic forms of communication. Even governments in free democracies pressure companies to provide back doors into operating systems and apps for purposes of “national security.” The American FBI called strong encryption an urgent public safety issue in early 2018, at direct odds with viewing encryption as a human right.


To be fair, governments of free democracies must balance freedom of speech with protecting the citizens from criminal, terrorist, and military threats so the desire for back doors is something we expect them to ask for. Unfortunately, governments are not always benign in how they interpret speech and over time, rules and administrations change. This could lead to a situation where once acceptable speech is declared illegal or otherwise worth suppressing.

For individuals, groups, and companies concerned with protecting their privacy, anonymity, and data security, CRIP.TO offers the most secure, end-to-end encryption available, one guaranteed to be free of back doors because of our values, manufacturing process, and business model. Our process is so secure, even we cannot decrypt users’ communications!

Learn more about how CRIP.TO gives you the freedom to communicate fearlessly and read about our upcoming ICO where you can become a part of the CRIP.TO mission and journey.

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