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It’s a fact of modern life that you are constant surveillance. This post is a useful reminder that we are constantly surrounded, even in our homes, by devices that act as digital eyes and ears.

More and more household devices are offering ‘Smart’ capabilities. It is predicted that by 2023 each home will have 300 devices that connect to the internet. Many of these devices may not have gone through stringent cyber security checks and may be prone to hacking.
Your percolator may not currently be able to spy on you, but there are plenty of other devices around the home, from telephones to fridges, that can. Samsung televisions were compromised by the CIA such that they could remain on while appearing off, eavesdropping all the while. Smart TVs may need to be hacked before they can listen to you, but other models have been known to spy on your watching habits right out of the box.

Webcams and other internet-connected cameras, such as security cameras and high-tech baby monitors, are also known to be insecure.

Voice activated devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are becoming more and more popular. But people don’t seem to be deterred by their eavesdropping capabilities. Researchers highlighted an issue that could allow hackers to listen to, transcribe, and transmit things people said. Amazon quickly fixed the problem. However, this shows that it’s not always possible to tell whether software is risky or safe. People use Alexa daily without problems, but that doesn’t mean the software is without its problems.

The UK government wants every home to have a smart meter by 2020. A smart meter is an internet-connected device that shows how much energy a home is using and the cost in real time. The idea is that customers can understand their energy usage more and bring down their bills. Despite these benefits, around 47 per cent said they were too scared to install the energy devices because they were concerned about the cybersecurity risk to their home. This indicates that people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of cybersecurity and this may call for devices to pass stringent cybersecurity checks before people use them in their homes.

Privacy and cybersecurity are paramount to the CRIP.TO development efforts. The CRIP.TO Black hardware device will include a crypto wallet that is always encrypted. Given the fact that it is rarely connected to the internet and when it is, all communications are encrypted with the company’s special recipe of encryption algorithms, the privacy of CRIP.TO customers’ bitcoin transactions are as well protected as their normal communications. And their crypto coins are also secure.

In fact, CRIP.TO feels cryptocurrencies are one of the most secure means of handling financial transactions over the internet. So much so that the company will be conducting an initial coin offering (ICO) soon to fund a variety of corporate development and operational needs and will use its coins for CRIP.TO services. To learn more, you will find all the details are here.

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