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CRIP.TO’s founder and staff are dedicated to the libertarian value of free speech. After all, modern democratic governments are predicated upon each individual’s and organization’s right to express their opinions, views, thoughts, wishes, political perspectives, and religious beliefs without fear of backlash by either the government or other individuals and organizations. When people are afraid to express themselves, they are not living in a truly free society.

technology has empowered, enabled, and encouraged governments, corporations, organizations, and individuals to violate the freedom of expression of others for any number of reasons, both legitimate and criminal.

The proliferation of technology and software tools enables these operators to monitor and capture the communications and data of others. As societies embrace and rapidly adopt the conveniences of new technologies like smartphones and the internet, the expose themselves to these risks, usually without knowing they are doing so.
When a person uses a smartphone or sends information over the internet, it is most frequently sent in plain text/data form. Any operator who intercepts the data can read it and act on it as they see fit. Seemingly innocent communications can be twisted to other uses if those communications are unprotected.

The WikiLeaks episode of 2013 helped affirm the risk we all face for CRIP.TO’s founder and CEO Stefano Alberico. His experience in the smartphone and big data industries equipped him with the knowledge and determination to develop a solution that protects the freedom of communication and expression for everyone.

Today, CRIP.TO is poised to deliver on the promise of freedom to communication without fear of those communications, be they voice, VoIP, documents, pictures, crypto currency transactions, or simply transferring files with an integrated, easy to use, and nearly impregnable encryption solution. Our liberation values of freedom of speech and expression require nothing less.

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