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Software powers our modern world. It makes many things so much easier. Still, as programs become more complex to add enhanced features, the inevitable flaw or “exploit” in security terms is bound to be introduced. An exploit isn’t something that prevents the software from doing the job it is designed to do. Rather, it is an avenue into the software that hackers discover. 

 When an exploit is discovered, the hackers may use it to:

  • Transmit malware and viruses
  • Steal personal data, especially financial
  • Track the habits of the computer user
  • Gain access to other programs
  • “Break” the computer or product using it

Security of software grows more important as the use of software continues to spread to all facets of our daily lives. According to the German Hasso-Plattner-Institute (HPI), they registered 11,150 software security risks in 2017. Most software developers do not take security very seriously for a variety of reasons.

  • They do not view their product as a security risk in the first place
  • Adding security or programming for security makes the development process longer, increasing costs
  • Leave it out in order to match pricing of competitors who do not integrate security
  • Adding security may make the product more difficult to use
  • Adding security may interfere with legacy softwares 

This all sounds alarming but everyone can take steps to protect themselves, their information, and their computing equipment. Here are some proven effective suggestions that are easy to master:

  • Have a good antivirus product, either paid or free
  • Have a good firewall protecting your network or computer if you only have one
  • Use router settings like MAC address filtering to block unauthorized access to your network
  • Use strong passwords for your router and computers
  • Never, ever click a link in an email even if the format of the email looks genuine. The bad guys are getting much better at disguising false emails as being from legitimate businesses and organizations.
  • Never reply to emails asking for “honest person” to help move money – all they need is your financial information and you will become rich
  • Never give any personal information in a reply to an email from an unknown sender

These habits are an excellent way to protect your normal computing activities. However, when it comes to your personal finances and private communications, they simply are not enough. Free apps, free software, even some paid commercial products that are promoted as helping keep you secure only do a partial job. Plus if they are free, they will grab your personal information and sell it in order to raise operating money.

The best way to ensure the security and privacy of your financial transactions, personal and business communications, and data transmissions is with the CRIP.TO Black and Shield combination. Our unique approach to hardware and software development eliminate the security vulnerabilities already mentioned. With CRIP.TO, you have the power to communicate fearlessly. Check out our website for more information,

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