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We are pleased to have been able to exhibit in early December at Moontec2017, the “largest conference in Northern Europe devoted to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and its implementation in various industries.” This year, the conference was held in Tallinn, Estonia, our home base, where 1500 attendees came for the two day conference to hear 50 industry speakers and meet with the many exhibitors. This was the first public

demonstration of our combined hardware and software encryption solution and it was clear from the reaction of people stopping at our display that the CRIP.TO model for easy to use, nearly unbreakable end-to-end encryption is on target and of significant interest to individuals, organizations, and companies. During our time at the conference we were able to demonstrate how our integrated solution operated using the hardware prototype of CRIP.TO Black with the companion Android app, CRIP.TO Shield. 

Our booth proved popular during the event, and people were very interested in the strength of the encryption possible with the Black hardware device based on our own “recipe” of open source, cutting edge algorithms and the integration of True Random Number Generation (TRNG), only possible in a hardware solution. They also liked the absolute anonymity of the product users, the ease of use, and the security of Black against outside attacks.

Live Video feature in #Rivetz Discord channel
Live Video feature in #Rivetz Discord channel

Another feature that was of significant interest to people was the CRIP.TO approach of using our own custom chip rather than one of the big name manufacturer’s products. They immediately recognized the value of this approach in eliminating the potential of back doors and other vulnerabilities that might compromise the security and anonymity of the CRIP.TO solution. By having our own custom chip, we are able to control with absolute certainty that nothing is introduced into the chip to make it vulnerable to future compromise.

Lastly, as this was a cryptocurrency and blockchain conference, the crypto wallet functionality of Black with its encryption protection of the user’s coins and transactions was very well received. News of thefts of cryptocurrencies by various groups in the marketplace are heightening concerns over protection of the currencies and the transactions.

We came away from the conference confident that CRIP.TO is heading in the right direction at the right time in the market and that our unique offering of hardware, software, our custom encryption recipe with TRNG, our integration of the blockchain, and our level of user anonymity will generate significant market demand.

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