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Joseph Heller, author of “Catch 22,” a fictional novel about American air combat in the Mediterranean during World War II, penned this line in his book. Cynics the world over, as well as those with a dry wit, have used it ever since. And why not? It often seems to be the case.

As if to underscore the truth of the saying, the United States Congress included a last minute bit of legislation in the recent Omnibus Spending bill called the CLOUD Act. The acronym stands for Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data and contains provisions that trouble privacy rights groups. In essence, the Act gives the American government more access to Americans’ personal data held by American corporations for law enforcement purposes. Further, it allows foreign governments to contact American corporations directly for information on their citizens, again for law enforcement purposes.

Several large America companies including Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, have expressed support for the Act. In their view, it actually protects privacy rights by establishing a legal framework around the requests for data must be made and includes strong provisions against foreign governments requiring US companies to build in back doors.

The cryptocurrency market was quick to react in opposition. One of the key attractions of cryptocurrencies has been the privacy of personal data. This seems to be changing as Edward Snowden commented that, “Bitcoin’s public ledger is devastatingly public.” Advice from the sector? Go dark and encrypt.

Even as much as I enjoy using Mr. Heller’s quote in jest, you don’t need to be paranoid to recognize the value of privacy, anonymity, and data security today, even if you believe no one would be interested in your data. Everyone should take the need to shield and protect themselves quite seriously.

Which leads us to the rationale behind CRIP.TO’s approach to the market. The company is built on the premise that democracy is dependent upon free speech and that anonymity is often required to protect those speaking. In our world of electronic communication and commerce, privacy, anonymity, and data security are more important than ever. The CLOUD Act is just more evidence of the need.

CRIP.TO Black and Shield offer the ideal solution. In tandem, these two products, operating over the CRIP.TO network under our services, provide customers with the strongest end-to-end encryption solution available to individuals, companies, and organizations.

Find out how CRIP.TO give its customers the freedom to communicate fearlessly. You deserve that right.

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