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An article in ZDNet dated 31 July 2018, carries this attention-grabbing title, “Data archiving for survivalists: Ready for that solar flare?” Survivalists, or preppers, as they are also known because they make extensive preparations to survive unexpected catastrophes, are often maligned for their obsession with being ready to survive whatever man or nature throws at the world.

Do you long to buy your double skinny, half soy, non-GMO, triple mocha decaf latte, with a sprinkle of caramel sea salt, cold-press favorite beverage at Starbucks with your growing stash of cryptocurrencies? Well, your ultimate dream fantasy of consuming coffee-based (or not) drinks at your Starbucks of choice whilst tethered wirelessly to the ’net appears to be in the works.

We have written about the ubiquitous nature of surveillance cameras before. They are everywhere. Stoplight cameras, street cameras, ATM cameras, retail security cameras. There are few places left where a person can get away from camera coverage.

It’s a fact of modern life that you are constant surveillance. This post is a useful reminder that we are constantly surrounded, even in our homes, by devices that act as digital eyes and ears.

As you may be aware, digital certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA) are used to cryptographically sign computer applications and software and are trusted by your computer so that you may use them without any warning messages.

Researchers have found that Intel’s latest CPUs are still vulnerable to attacks by the malware, Spectre, that could prove to be quite as dangerous as previous versions.

Before you get too excited thinking this is a wanted poster in the criminal sense; it is not. It is an offer from Microsoft to pay a “bounty” to hackers who discover and document security flaws in its Identity Services software. So, crime pays? No, this is white hat hacking, and no crimes are being committed.

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