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Everyone likes to have a fall guy or gal when something goes wrong. “Hey, that’s not my fault, I couldn’t help it that this person did that.” It seemslike this is especially true when there is a data breach that makes the headlines.

Let me admit this from the start; I am a gadget freak. If it is having some cool electronic or mechanical feature(s), it draws me in immediately. Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is a case in point. The potential for voice assistants is staggering. Even this early into their development, they are already capable of remarkable things to enrich our everyday lives. From turning on a lightto getting the latest weather, spelling a word, telling a joke or commanding more elaborate home automation sequences, voice command is here for good.

Right out of the box, we encourage you to keep reading even if you are of the mindset, “I have nothing to hide.” That’s true of most people in the world. It is not about being anonymous because you are intent on criminal or underhanded acts, it is to protect your personal information from being used to set you up for such acts.

Everyone has an opinion about the validity of cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument. Many traditionalists in the world of fiat currencies and highly regulated institutions see crypto as fraudulent and a passing fad. Others want to rein it in and put regulatory controls in place, removing the decentralization of the cryptocurrency that is a huge part of its appeal.

In a move supported by both major political parties in Australia, a bill named the “Telecommunications Assistance and Access Bill 2018,” has passed the House of Representatives and is headed to the upper House for a vote. Given its bi-partisan support and the position of PM Michael Turnbull regarding encryption, passage into law seems certain.

If you are part of the crypto circuit, you will be more than familiar with the term ‘ICO’ (initial coin offering) as this has been the most popular way of raising funds for Startup Blockchain projects. ICOs have been the vehicle used to raise over $5 billion dollars in the first half of 2018 alone. The purpose of an ICO is to allow companies to raise capital without giving away any of their equity or control. In exchange, a digital asset (tokens) is created that can be traded, an asset which may or may not go up in value.


The ladies online shopping website SHEIN was hacked, and 6.4 million users have been affected. The company states that the hack occurred through ‘backdoor’ vulnerabilities.

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