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Bitcoin started the cryptocurrency phenomenon in 2009. Now, nearly 10 years later, it has seen its value exceed $18,000 per coin on occasion and other coins have flooded onto the market. The most common means by which a cryptocurrency begins life is through an initial coin offering or ICO. This is the cryptocurrency equivalent (in some ways) to an initial public offering (IPO) in the stock market only without any of the regulatory oversight.

With this little homage to the movie “Jaws,” it appears hackers have taken their trade in a whole new direction, hacking networks through fish tank thermometers. At least those that are connected to the web as an Internet of Things (IoT) device.

There is a huge difference in the universe of Android smartphones and the Apple iPhone. Where there is a single manufacturer of iPhones, Apple, there are dozens of manufacturers using the Android OS in their smartphones and tablets. And these manufacturers frequently tweak the Android OS to provide unique features, looks, and other capabilities.

You must give hackers some credit if for no other reason than for persistence and ingenuity. The news is full of stories of the latest exploit of a system somewhere. Typically these attacks come over the internet or some other network. And while interception of cellular communications is not new, the latest method in the news concerns using drones to capture unencrypted messages / data and hacking into systems.

We recently blogged about the wide range and large amount of information Facebook collects from users and how it sells that information for profit. In that post, we referenced the fact that lots of companies are in the same business, just not to the extent Facebook is right now.

An old saying goes, “When it rains, it pours” which is another way of saying bad things seem to happen in bunches. The people at Facebook probably feel that way right about now.

Wouldn’t the world be better if bad actors left regular people alone so we could make phone calls, send texts, email friends and families, all without worrying that our most personal information is being captured and sold or used in unethical ways? Yes it would but unfortunately, that is not the case. There is simply too great a reward for being a bad actor.

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