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When it comes to our personal information, a common feeling is that, “No one is interested in me and my information.” Of course we know that does not apply to financial information but a recent article in The Register spells out exactly how much our information is worth to those with bad intents towards using it.

According to findings by Kaspersky, as reported in Security Week, the number of malware attacks on mobile devices running the Android operating system (OS) increased considerably in 2017. Popular attacks included banking Trojans, ransomware Trojans, and various other attempts to direct users to malicious sites or give up personal and financial information.

A common question here at CRIP.TO is, "Why did you decide to avoid NIST approved algorithms like SHA256 or AES when you built your solution?"

The answer is simple, these encryption methodologies could be issued with vulnerabilities built in that could compromise them, the information they protect, and the identity of the user in the future. The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) is a US agency. So it makes sense for other US agencies to encourage the use of encryption they know how to compromise.


CRIP.TO mentioned in the Huffington Post!

Our solution is being noticed in the USA! Hopefully more and more people will start realizing the importance of true encryption in communications

You can read the whole article at this link:


People frequently ask why CRIP.TO has chosen to design and build custom hardware for its Black hardware device. There are a number of reasons behind this decision:

 CRIP.TO participated in the Dubai International Blockchain Summit, held in the Atlantis, The Palm Dubai on the 8th of January. The Summit had over 3000+ investors and 50+ sponsors, and was a great opportunity for the CRIP.TO team to showcase their solution and meet interested investors, as well as form collaborations with other upcoming startups.

We are pleased to have been able to exhibit in early December at Moontec2017, the “largest conference in Northern Europe devoted to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and its implementation in various industries.” This year, the conference was held in Tallinn, Estonia, our home base, where 1500 attendees came for the two day conference to hear 50 industry speakers and meet with the many exhibitors. This was the first public

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