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CRIP.TO Black and CRIP.TO Shield


Unbreakable physical crypto wallet and hardware encryption for safest transactions and fearless communications.
CRIP.TO Black is a handy, portable, pocket-sized device that connects to your smartphone either via a USB cable connection or wireless Bluetooth link, allowing you to use your CRIP.TO services seamlessly everywhere.
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CRIP.TO Shield

The safest mobile app to communicate across internet and an integrated wallet to store your crypto currencies.
CRIP.TO Shield is an Android app allowing you to access all CRIP.TO communication services on an Android smartphone and to communicate with your CRIP.TO contacts fully protected.
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We believe that everyone has the right to protect their information and keep their privacy. Integrity is a core value, and they see the vast potential of a decentralized, distributed solution like Blockchain as a key match in this space.

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