Benefit from the resiliency offered by a distributed network and from the flexibility of your own utility token
CRIP.TO is working on the X2X blockchain architecture which uses the Ethereum blockchain as a broadcasting layer for user and network node onboarding. Our plan is to launch an ICO to support the main work and in order to bring more blockchain based products to the market.
According to our plan, the network’s native token, the X2X, is used as a crypto-economic incentive for nodes to run, and as a method of payment for services inside the app. As new services are deployed, it will become necessary for the adoption of a cheaper alternative to the main Ethereum blockchain. For this purpose, the X2X Open Network will utilize a Plasma side-chain (as initial preferential choice), allowing for a greater amount of transactions to be processed for a lower price, and thereby also allowing for micro-payment enabled applications.
Combining our unique hardware encryption chip with the Distributed Ledger Technology, we aim to provide a new class of secure products and services.


We envision a world where all digital communications are safe and private. We are dedicated to creating innovative best-in-class solutions that protect data exchange with the highest level of security and privacy.

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