Generating and storing the wallet encryption keys inside the custom chip offers an extremely high level of security
A crypto wallet (cold storage) is another powerful use case. Our X2X Wallet, in particular, is designed with interoperability in mind and it allows the storage and creation of keys based on the most utilized mnemonic seed-phrase of BIP39 and the key derivation scheme of BIP44. This will allow anyone to use familiar interfaces for secure backup of their keys, as well as to migrate their wallets between different wallet providers. Using our custom FPGA to generate and store (inside the silicon chip) the wallet keys provides an extremely high level of security for storing and transferring cryptocurrencies ( X2X, BTX, ETH, etc).
For all these use cases, simple APIs (check our github) will allow developers to utilize the X2X Black’s hardware functionalities (or the FPGA chip for custom solutions) as an extra-secure backend for multiple security critical applications. For example; by integrating the X2X wallet with other software Wallet applications, for applications in need of a safe 2-Factor-Authentication system, for One-Time-Passwords, as a hardware token, etc.


We envision a world where all digital communications are safe and private. We are dedicated to creating innovative best-in-class solutions that protect data exchange with the highest level of security and privacy.

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