Integrate the encryption chip in any IoT device, to secure the data link between them
It is forecasted that by 2023 each household will have more than 50 devices connected to the internet. With many devices not using stringent security checks, all devices on the same network could become vulnerable to attack by bad actors. Cybersecurity is key to ensuring this new age of IoT functions safely and efficiently.
Every small IoT device which is or will be in our home (think about a smart-TV, refrigerator, robot vacuum, or any other “smart” home appliance) has the basic need to collect some data within your home and send it across the internet (whether one likes it or not) to provide some user friendly service (e.g. the refrigerator ordering food automatically). Our custom chip is a valid solution to ensure that all such data traffic is end-to-end encrypted between the sender and the receiver.


We envision a world where all digital communications are safe and private. We are dedicated to creating innovative best-in-class solutions that protect data exchange with the highest level of security and privacy.

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