CRIP.TO concept
How the solution works
The CRIP.TO solution emerged from the need for absolutely safe communication over the internet. The solution developed by CRIP.TO ensures the utmost safety of all your messages, files, pictures, audio, and VoIP calls as well as your crypto currencies. has two awesome encryption products

CRIP.TO Shield

An Android app that allows you to communicate with your CRIP.TO contacts fully protected by end-to-end encryption and stores your crypto currencies safely.


The CRIP.TO Shield Android app


a portable pocket-sized hardware device with an integrated crypto wallet that easily connects with your smartphone for an extra level of security.
What makes CRIP.TO products

unique and how they work

Multi Factor Authentication

When signing up for CRIP.TO services, we provide every user with a personal physical CRIP.TO card containing a personal pseudonym, QR code, and a PIN/PUK code.

To access the CRIP.TO Shield app a user needs to scan his/her QR code. This allows the central server to identify them, verify their credentials, and generate and remember their PIN. This combination allows the implementation of a Multi-Factor authentication method which provides an increased level of security and privacy.

Full Anonymity

Because CRIP.TO is dedicated to keeping you completely anonymous, we give each user a serial number and avatar pseudonym as opposed to using your phone number to identify you, a practice which would make you trackable.

That means in CRIP.TO servers you are treated as an anonymous number. The servers don’t store any user data or your mobile phone number, they don’t keep logs of your ongoing communications, and have no access to any encryption keys created by the user’s device.

CRIP.TO Shield

CRIP.TO Shield is an Android app that allows you to communicate with your CRIP.TO contacts fully protected and safely stores your crypto currencies.

All Shield communications are end-to-end encrypted with carefully selected and expert-approved encryption algorithms, which keeps CRIP.TO a step ahead of other encryption apps. Every single packet of data sent via Shield is encrypted with a new, different key which changes constantly, thus rendering it almost impossible to decode a whole message, file, or picture.

The Shield app, like many other software encryption apps, uses a Pseudo Random Number Generator to generate the encryption keys. The keys to decrypt the information are known only by the sender and the receiver and are stored inside the Shield app, which is itself protected by two factor authentication.


Black consists of a CRIP.TO Shield Android app and a portable pocket-sized hardware device with an integrated crypto wallet that easily connects with your smartphone for an extra level of security. Black adds an extra layer of safety to your communications.

Unlike Shield, Black enables you to perform all encryption directly on its custom-made Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processor unit and stores all your encryption keys physically in your Black device as opposed to your smartphone. Simply said, it allows you to carry your encryption keys physically in your pocket – the safest place for it with absolutely no outside access.

Thanks to the custom-made FPGA chip, Black is able to use a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) which ensures the highest quality of encryption keys and thereby, the highest level of security for its users.

Black connects easily to your smartphone either via a secure USB cable connection or a user-friendly wireless Bluetooth link, allowing you to use CRIP.TO services seamlessly everywhere.

Custom FPGA No chance for backdoors

To provide absolute safety to our users, take full control over every aspect of our product, and make sure there was absolutely no opportunity for backdoors, CRIP.TO saw a need to build its own FPGA chip for its CRIP.TO Black device, as opposed to using one of the ready-made, commercially branded encryption chips used by almost everyone else in the market. This decision enables us to choose the safest encryption algorithms for our services and provides our customers the utmost security without compromises.

Safe file transfer from USB to USB

CRIP.TO Black includes a USB connector for an external USB memory stick. This feature enables the user to encrypt sensitive documents and send encrypted files directly from their USB memory stick to the receiver’s USB memory stick, thus allowing a fully end-to-end encrypted transfer mechanism between two USB memory sticks. This is another unique capability of the Black solution.

How your data moves in CRIP.TO servers

Communicating end-to-end encrypted messages, files, and voice calls via CRIP.TO works on the simple “store and relay” mechanism which could be compared with the postal service delivering your mail.

The sender forwards an encrypted message via Shield or Black to the central server in Iceland. The message is temporary saved (still encrypted) in the server until the receiver comes online, in which case the data is delivered to the receiver and permanently deleted from the server, leaving no traces. The receiver will then be able to decrypt the data with the keys that only they have access to and receive the information.

CRIP.TO servers are physically located in Iceland – a country with perhaps the best legislation for supporting “freedom to speech” and user’s privacy. All this has the effect of ensuring that an entire nation is taking care of your data while temporarily stored on those servers.

Future Proof

The solution CRIP.TO is fully future proof – it remains loyally usable even when you switch your smartphone to a newer version. This gives your Black a significant advantage when compared to other “black phones” or crypto-phone type of devices that can quickly become obsolete when new smartphones enter the market.


We believe that everyone has the right to protect their information and keep their privacy. Integrity is a core value, and they see the vast potential of a decentralized, distributed solution like Blockchain as a key match in this space.

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