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 CRIP.TO participated in the Dubai International Blockchain Summit, held in the Atlantis, The Palm Dubai on the 8th of January. The Summit had over 3000+ investors and 50+ sponsors, and was a great opportunity for the CRIP.TO team to showcase their solution and meet interested investors, as well as form collaborations with other upcoming startups.

Subsequent to the FSA’s rulings in Japan to ban privacy tokens, the South Korean Blockchain Association (SKBA), another self regulating body also released guidelines similar to the JVCEA’s. The SKBA framework was designed to prevent money laundering, insider trading, and other illegal activities.

In January 2018 there was a $500 million hack on Coincheck exchange, the biggest hack in the cryptocurrency world to date. The tokens were stored on online hot wallets which are known to be more susceptible to hacks. As a response to this hack the The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA), a self regulating body made up of 16 of the currency exchanges was created, in an effort to rebuild confidence in crytpo currencies.

Google has announced its new email features. One of those features is the new privacy-focused confidential mode, which allows users to set an expiration date for emails, similar to messages on Snapchat.
Whilst a lot of users may welcome this new feature which affords them secrecy and security, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is concerned that it could lead users becoming vulnerable to phishing scams.

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We believe that everyone has the right to protect their information and keep their privacy. Integrity is a core value, and they see the vast potential of a decentralized, distributed solution like Blockchain as a key match in this space.

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