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 CRIP.TO participated in the Dubai International Blockchain Summit, held in the Atlantis, The Palm Dubai on the 8th of January. The Summit had over 3000+ investors and 50+ sponsors, and was a great opportunity for the CRIP.TO team to showcase their solution and meet interested investors, as well as form collaborations with other upcoming startups.

It would appear that our smart phones are listening to what we say even when we are not using them. A recent article in Vice reported this somewhat disconcerting news. Generally, the voice assistants only spring to life when they hear the trigger phrase, “hey Siri” or “okay Google.” But other apps on your phones are also listening in on what you are saying even while not actively being used.

Yes, you read the title correctly, scammers and hackers are resorting to phone calls to trick people into giving them access to their PCs. In fact, it happened to me just this week. Here is how it went down. A call came in on my land line. Being busy, I let it go to the answering machine. When I finally listened to the message a woman said that there was a problem with my Microsoft account and if I was the person who purchased Office 365, I should call back or press 1 for immediate help. Dire circumstances would occur otherwise like corruption of credentials, loss of data, inability to access accounts, etc.

Government agencies from around the world are often the first to make recommendations to individuals, groups, and companies about steps to take for the best cyber security. That advice is welcome and often can save users from falling prey to scams, hacks, and other cyber threats. In many situations, these agencies mandate levels of cybersecurity that must be achieved in industry, especially where the product or service is critical to the efficient functioning of daily life for a country. These include banking, power, and other municipal services.

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We believe that everyone has the right to protect their information and keep their privacy. Integrity is a core value, and they see the vast potential of a decentralized, distributed solution like Blockchain as a key match in this space.

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