Secure Hardware Encryption
The only 100% safe way to communicate on internet


CRIP.TO Black is an external hardware device for encryption that works together with CRIP.TO Shield APP.

What makes CRIP.TO truly unique compared to many security Apps on the market is the top level security it can provide thanks to the external hardware that easily connects to your smartphone.

The main difference of using just an encryption App versus CRIP.TO Black external hardware comes from the way end2end encryption works.
When communicating and sending files and data over the internet, the data is encrypted in one end and decrypted on the other end. To decrypt the information, you need a digital encryption key. The key, however, is typically saved and stored within the same app inside your phone (i.e. Android). That is where the risk lays because your phone could be accessed from the outside without your permission.

You could compare it with the situation as leaving your apartment key under the carpet in front of your door: the door is safely locked but the key is right there for everyone to use.


CRIP.TO Black is using the most advanced and well-proven encryption techniques and encrypts all your data directly onto an external portable device.

CRIP.TO Black is digital encryption key in your pocket that is always with you and cannot be hacked and retrieved, since it is physically with you, not digitally inside your phone.

The device connects to your phone via USB cable or via a wireless (Bluetooth) link. Either way, your keys and data are always perfectly safe since all your data is encrypted on the external “CRIP.TO Black”. Your phone basically just acts as a dummy transfer device between you and your contacts.

CRIP.TO Black offers a true end-to-end encryption which starts from your external device and ends in your contact’s external device, with no room to intercept your communication in the middle.


CRIP.TO is available for purchase as Hardware or Software solution. It includes a subscription to the service which can be easily renewed.

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